Full Stack Developer / Basketball Player

Multi talented and versatile Rich has the skills and knowledge to work on all aspects of a website build, from design to database driven development to front-end templates. Rich is competent in a number of different coding languages, meaning he’s not restricted to one way of working. He’s good at problem solving, and will not give up until he find’s a solution or reason for something. 

Rich started his working life in retail.  His ambition to work in the digital industry motivated him to independently learn code 5 years ago, seeing him progress from website administrator to a full stack developer.  Rich has enjoyed working with brands such as Wessex Fleet , AWBS, Total Guide To Swindon, Swindon Link , The Ocelot and T2 Fitness to name a few. Rich loves a problem that needs solving! He always prefers server side development, being more logic based. That said, he also enjoys building a design from scratch and adding a little extra to it. 

He’s a baller! Rich loves playing, watching and reading all about basketball, having started playing when he was just 12 years old. He doesn’t support a specific team, but he will always enjoy a game if he can.

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