Corporate social responsibility

H2 is committed to offering measurably high standards of service, transparent value for money and to identifying cost-saving opportunities for our clients. We encourage our staff’s personal development and wellbeing and support their positive involvement in the local community. We are environmentally responsible, seeking to reduce waste and to recycle in accordance with civic guidelines. We expect the same minimum standards from our suppliers.

H2 is an equal opportunity employer. We do not employ intermediaries such as account managers. Instead, we encourage our designers and copywriters to deal directly with the client. This improves their clarity of purpose, sense of responsibility and self-worth. We are concerned for the wellbeing of our staff and recognise their contribution to H2’s success. To that end we offer regular company outings and strive to pay an annual bonus whenever possible.

H2 offers a safe working environment and complies with all health and safety laws.

At H2 we are committed to reducing our impact on the environment by monitoring and attempting to reduce our use of electricity, encouraging cycling to work and car-pooling and by promoting reuse and recycling of materials.

H2 is interested and involved in the local community. We are open to sponsoring local events and regularly contribute to local schools and community groups. We are keen to work with charities and count St Mungo’s, ColostomyUK, The Engineering Trust and Winston’s Wish among our valued UK clients.  

Management operates an 'open door' policy and actively encourages the voicing of concerns or positive suggestions by H2 staff, clients and suppliers alike. We are upstanding corporate citizens, auditing our accounts on a regular basis and paying all due taxes in a timely fashion. We value and seek to further strengthen the good relationships, reputation and trust we have with our staff, our clients and our suppliers. 

Teaming Up

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